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The PrepQuip SpringSparge Sparger system is being successfully used in gas injection and flotation applications worldwide. The design of this innovative Gas-Sparger system incorporates a built-in fail-safe mechanism that prevents Sparger blockages due to gas supply pressure failure. This system is offered with PrepQuip’s superior sealing port arrangement as a standard. This facilitates Sparger removal while the plant is still in operation eliminating the necessity for plant shutdown during maintenance on the Sparging System. PrepQuip’s SpringSparge Sparger ensures the equal distribution of even sized bubbles.

spring sparge locally manufactured


  • Oxygen injection (CIL or CIP gold processes)
  • Column Flotation
  • Agitation in mechanical flotation cells to prevent solids build-up when the plant stops
  • To prevent solids build-up in dense medium holding tanks (magnetite and ferrosilicon(FeSi)


  • The system requires no Sparger water
  • Independent control of bubble size and air rate
  • Narrow bubble size distribution
  • Fail safe design to prevent Sparger clogging, should gas pressure fall away
  • Downtime is minimised by allowing maintenance while the unit is in operation
  • Reduced maintenance cost via long lasting replaceable tungsten carbide and ceramic tips

Sealing Port Arrangement

  • PrepQuip’s unique Sealing Port Arrangement allows for the removal of the Sparger pipe without any spillage while the unit is in operation
  • The compression fitting is equipped with a triple seal arrangement to prevent any leakage or Sparger pipe creeping under high internal pressure (up to 2.5 bar (G) or 35 psig)
  • Stainless steel compression fitting (optional)
  • Stainless steel isolation valve to ensure durability
  • Sparger protector for agitated tanks

Sparger design

  • Manufactured from stainless steel wetted parts to ensure durability
  • Replaceable tungsten carbide and ceramic tips for extended wear life
  • Warning marks on Sparger pipe to prevent any slurry spillage during removal
  • External pressure adjustment system to set tip shut-off pressure
  • Pressure indicator on each Sparger to detect any abnormalities
  • Split nozzle ceramic Sparger tip for Sparger optimisation
  • Non clogging Sparger design
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