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PrepQuip’s in house designed Column Flotation are manufactured in South Africa and is supplied both locally and internationally. As a result of our extensive research and development as well as test work capabilities, PrepQuip is in a position to tailor-make both Conventional and Turbo-type Flotation Columns to suit individual applications for a variety of ores.

The company presently operates a number of pilot plants in the field beneficiating various minerals. Our scientific approach is an invaluable tool in providing achievable performance and results according to client specifications. Moreover, in gathering of sufficient supporting data we ensure process flexibility and efficiency. Pilot plant test work should be carried out to confirm the accuracy of the calculated data and performance.

Turbo-type Column Flotation

PrepQuip’s Flotation Columns Ensures

    Improved metallurgical performance as a result of:
  • Independent control of operation variables
  • Design that eliminates froth lop loading constraints
  • Flotation of of coarser and fine particles in the same unit
  • Can be operated as roughers and cleaners
    Reduced capital costs as a result of:
  • Reduced column heights
  • Unique internal froth discharge system
  • Lower residence times required
  • Higher gas holdup
  • Substantial reduction in floor area
    Reduced running costs a result of:
  • No moving parts
  • Lower reagent consumption.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced downtime
    Interface Level Controller (I.L.C). Three types of I.L.C
    can be offered:
  • Ultrasonic Float Level Controller
  • Bubbler Tube System
  • Conductivity Probe Controller

All three types of I.L.C ensure optimum performance by the accurate measurement and control of the interface level, despite changing variables i.e. flow-rate, pH, froth density, etc.

Internal Froth Launders

The unique design of Internal Froth Launders prevents any dead froth zones and ensures sufficient discharge lip for improved metallurgical performance. A design that requires no external froth collection launder is available on request.

Froth Washing

Froth Washing available as an internal and external system. Continuous froth washing produces a high grade concentrate by minimising entrapment and entrainment of gangue particles.

    This is achieved by
  • Preferential wash water distribution that utilises ± 20% less wash water
  • Minimum breakage of bubbles
  • Stabilising of the froth phase
  • Prevention of bubble coalescence
    Aeration system
  • Air-only SpringSparge Sparger
  • Water and Air Sparger
  • In-Line External Sparger System

The selection of a Sparger system depends on the application and is determined by the results of pilot plant test work.

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