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The use of In-Line Guard Screens has become a favourable option due to the continuous downscaling of maintenance staff on mines. Our In-Line Guard Screens has earned its acceptance as part of a continuous process on processing plants. PrepQuip’s In-Line Guard Screen removes unwanted oversize material in water or slurry streams preventing blockages and protecting downstream equipment. In-Line Guard Screens are supplied as standard or customised units and can be operated manually or automatically. The In-Line Guard Screen line size ranges from 80 to 500mm (NB) and can handle capacities from 41 to 1590 m³/hr. A recent project proved the efficiency of the In-Line Guard Screen in removing particles in a firewater system which in turn prevents blockages of the fire hydrant nozzles.

in line guard screen

The In-Line Guard Screens Protects Your Process Against

  • Downtime due to blockages
  • Damage caused by debris

The Standard In-Line Guard Screens Range Offers The Following Design Features

  • Compact and heavy duty design
  • A cost effective solution to debris problems in slurry and liquid streams
  • Range of screen diameters to suit standard pipelines
  • Custom designed screen apertures to remove only unwanted material
  • Low pressure drop across the screen making it possible to retrofit into most existing pipelines
  • Can operate at line pressures of up to 6 bar (G) or 85 psig
  • Line size ranges from 80 to 500mm or 3” to 20”
  • Capacities range from 41 to 1590m³/hr or 180 to 7000gpm (US Standard)
  • Replacement screen cartridge manufactured with the following screen apertures to give desired flexibility: 0.5mm, 1mm, 3mm, 5mm. and 10mm
  • Cylindrical screen manufactured from stainless steel wedge wire to reduce wear and consequent maintenance
  • Standard design makes allowance for standard screen lengths to keep cost as low as possible
  • Should the In-Line Guard Screen be considered for higher operating pressures, please consult PrepQuip
  • Separate debris outlet to remove unwanted particles from process stream during equipment operation
  • Pressure indicators upstream and downstream from pressure drop calculations (optional)
  • Can be fully automated to integrate into your existing control philosophy (optional)
  • All wetted parts rubber lined or manufactured out of stainless steel
Should The In-Line Screen Be Considered For Higher Operating Pressures Or Different Operating Conditions Than The Above Mentioned, Please Contact Us At PrepQuip.
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