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firefighting equipment protection

Figure 1: Completed PrepQuip In-line Guard Screen firefighting equipment protection truck

PrepQuip designed and manufactured a unique firefighting equipment protection truck for one of the world’s leading petrochemical companies. The entire design was manufactured from stainless steel which ensures rust prevention and durability.

stainless steel in-line guard screen

Figure 2: Stainless steel PrepQuip In-line Guard Screen

The purpose of the truck is to screen out any oversized material present in the firewater stream which in turn prevents nozzle blockages and equipment damage. The capacity of the truck with 4 x 300 NB In-line Guard Screens is 40 000 l/min. The equipment is unique in the way that no flow restriction is experienced during operation and automatic flushing of the unwanted material occurs during operation.

stainless steel piping designs

Figure 3: PrepQuip stainless steel piping designs

The piping and design was conducted by the experienced engineers at the PrepQuip group in line with manufacturing standards and ISO quality standards. The design can withstand pressures of up to 18 bar line pressure with an operating pressure of 12bar.

304L Stainless Steel

Figure 1: Trial fitment phase of a 304L Stainless Steel

Trial fitment phase of a 304L Stainless Steel bespoke “Fire Water In-Line Screen Filter System” manufactured and installed by PrepQuip RSA (Pty) Ltd.

stainless steel in-line guard screen

Figure 2: Trial fitment phase of a 304L Stainless Steel

The In-Line Screen Filter System is cradle mounted on top of a mobile Fire Fighting Truck. The units have a combined peak flow capacity of 720m3/h. This “In-Line Screen Filter System” runs continuous and periodically removes all collected debris from the utilized water source, i.e. hydrant feed or pond/lake/river suction, with safe/secure dumping of the collected debris below the truck.

316 Stainless Steel

Figure 3: Trial fitment phase of a 304L Stainless Steel

The internal, replaceable, 316 Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Cartridge has a 2mm aperture size, however this can be changed to suit the clients requirements. The In-Line Screen Filter System completion is estimated for end March 2020 with a truck showcase demonstration expected in the third quarter of 2020.

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