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The Ceramic Plug and Seat Valve, available only from PrepQuip, was initially developed to replace conventional pinch-type valves on a flotation column tails discharge system in order to reduce excessive downtime and maintenance costs incurred through the frequent replacement of worn pinch valve sleeves.

The Ceramic Plug and Seat Valves, which can be automated with an actuator to suit customer applications, is used to control abrasive slurries with a maximum particle size of 3 mm. The Ceramic Plug and Seat Valve can achieve at least ten times the life of conventional control valves eliminating the need to inspect and replace valves which in turn reduces process downtime considerably.

The ceramic valve gives an excellent cost to life ratio. Most actuators can be fitted to the ceramic valve with only minor modifications to the mounting bracket.

ceramic plug seat

Valve Features

  • Size ranges from 50 to 500mm (NB) or 2” to 20”
  • Linear stroke to flow rate relationship which in turn simplifies flow control within a required flow range
  • Very easy to maintain and replace components
  • Excellent cost to life ratio
  • Adjustable for a specific application by selecting the correct choke nozzle size
  • No special skills are required to maintain or overhaul the valve
  • Valve inserts manufactured from high wear resistant ceramics for extended life
  • All wetted parts are rubber lined
  • Shaft sealing arrangement consists of PTFE seals and a gland flushing port
  • Shaft protected from wear via a polyurethane sleeve
  • Most types of linear actuators can be fitted to the valve
  • Line pressures above 3 bar (G) or 45 psig not recommended

Recommended Operating CV’s

  • Q = m3/h slurry
  • SG = slurry SG
  • DP = pressure drop over valve (bar)
  • *Note: viscosity of water used in calculation
Valve Size (mm) 80 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
Valve CV (min) 4 14 42 119 206 313 465 566
Valve CV (max) 29 79 212 503 895 1133 1469 2186
All Ceramic Valve Components Are Readily Available From PrepQuip, Feel Free To Contact Us With Any Enquiries.
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