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The T.H. (Tecnicas Hidraulicas) fully automatic Filter Press offers a cost effective and robust solution for the demanding operating conditions found in the environmental, mining and mineral industries. With the growing demand for the elimination of slimes dams, this product will find its right-full place in this competitive market due to its low capital and operating costs. More 350 units have been installed worldwide. The design ensures durability, reliability and effectiveness with unique advantages. The Filter Press sizes range from 1.41 m² to 594 m² which is capable of producing filter cakes of up to 85 tons/hour dry solids per press.

tecnicas hidraulicas

Filter Press Applications

  • Ore concentrates: copper, zinc, lead, nickel, platinum group metals, iron ore, chrome and fine coal
  • Metallurgical (refineries, leach residues, precipitates, gypsum and more)
  • Effluents (tailings, scrubber slurry, hydroxide precipitates)
  • Environmental Industry
T.H Filter Press

Filter Press Features

  • Fully automatic and hydraulic driven
  • Size ranges from 1.41m² to 208.8m²
  • Dewatering capacity up to 85 tons dry solids per hour
  • Equipped with 40mm thick steel plates (prevents mechanical damage)
  • Unique design ensures effective discharge of all cakes
  • Individual chamber feed ports decrease filling time and increase cloth life
  • Replaceable rubber seals prevent leakage and ensure ease of maintenance
  • Slurry pump (hydraulic) included with filter press
  • Hydraulic pack is used for both slurry pump operation and press opening/closing
  • Fulcrum Design facility to incorporate up to 12 different steps during the filtering process. Press PLC has the facility to incorporate up to 12 different steps during the filtering process
  • Uniform filling eliminates the formation of blocks and the risk of plate damage
  • Consistently low cake moistures controlled via an effluent measurement system
  • Cycle normally consists of chamber filling, filtration, cake pressing, air drying and cloth washing
  • Lower capital cost.
  • Lower energy consumption

The Filtration Cycle consists of the following steps

  • Filtration. Each vertical chamber is fed individually (from the top), which ensures all cakes are uniform in size distribution and moisture content (using the forces of gravity to its benefit).
  • Cake pressing. Hydraulic pressing is used to homogenise the cake. This is achieved by compressing the rubber seals between each chamber, using the hydraulic closing cylinders (340 tons).
  • Cake washing (optional). The cakes can be washed to displace the mother liquor. A minimum amount of wash liquid is required for this step and normally does not exceed 2 m³/ton dry solids.
  • Air drying. Air penetrates the cakes via the filtrate ports, to ensure even cake moistures throughout the cakes.
  • Cake discharge. Positive, automatic cake discharge is guaranteed with every cycle. The cake can be discharged on a conveyor belt below the filter.
  • Cloth washing (optional). The cloths are washed by means of back-washing via the filtrate ports through the drain grooves. This method does not only remove solids captured in the weaves of the cloth, but also flushes the feed ports and slurry distribution pipe of the filter unit.
automatic filter press
automatic filter press
automatic filter press
automatic filter press
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