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PrepQuip Green was founded in 2014 as part of the PrepQuip Group of companies. The company was established to fill a gap that was identified in the effluent treatment industry.

The identified shortfall is that a few companies sell only the consumables and not the hardware to add oxygen to the process for better performance of the enzymatic products. PrepQuip Green has in-house designed hardware and the required consumables available to treat any effluent problem your company should have to its entirety. Therefore, in summary:

  • PrepQuip Green specialises in design & supply of effluent treatment systems/plants & supply of green technology consumables (bacteria and enzymes) to treat organic waste (both solids and liquids).
  • In-house chemical & mechanical engineers & agricultural specialists which are qualified to design a system and manage your problematic waste water problems.


Application ⁄ Market Sections:

Agri ⁄ Industrial Effluent

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Commercial ⁄ Household Cleaning

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